Featured Projects

Kaufman Consultation has worked on various projects throughout Southern California. Below you will find examples of projects completed or in progress. This is not an entire list but meant to serve as an example of our capability.
Business Complex Temecula, CA


70 cross-connection tests were preformed on a business park in Temecula, CA, one site revealed one cross connection between the potable drinking supply and the recycled irrigation system. Upon closer investigation it was determined that the owner of the building was not satisfied with pressure to one side of the buildings irrigation system and tied the potable system to the recycled irrigation to boost pressure behind the backflow prevention device.

Eastern Municipal Water District

Full time consultant inspectors handling District capital improvement projects, weekly progress meetings, tracking changes, extra work and providing daily electronic inspection reports and photo journals to track project progress. Also inspecting all recycled water projects, assisting with plan check, submittals, Health Department compliance issues, cross-connection shut down and backflow tests and quality control.

French Valley Sewer Improvements

Phases 1 and 2 in Winchester, CA ~13,000'lf of 36" Transmission Sewer main, Twenty eight 60" diameter cast in place manholes, five separate 54" micro tunnels, one of which was below Highway 79, several locations along the ROW in excess of 35' to 40' in depth.

Cactus Avenue Feeder

Moreno Valley, CA ~ 11,000'lf of 48" diameter welded steel pipe 4 separate 66" micro tunneling operations, one below the I-215 Freeway, Pressure control facility at booster site and above ground piping